Does it ever hit you that the devil isn’t nice? That seems like such a “um duh” statement, but really. Think about it for a second. There is someone who has devoted their whole life to trying to steal your joy. Why are we not more upset by this?? I go through my daily life, accepting that anxieties, worries, fears are just apart of my day. They will come, sometimes they will pass, sometimes they will ruin my day. It is what it is.


The Lord is CONSTANTLY pouring and overflowing us with blessings and gifts whether we see it or not, and some of them are purely going to waste because we give the devil far too much power to distort these things in our lives. Do you know how many things I have missed out on because of fear? How many opportunities I’ve missed. Jobs I didn’t take. Dates I didn’t go on. Friends I didn’t make. Compliments I didn’t say. Gifts I didn’t accept. Purely because I let the devil make my decision for me.

I was driving home from work on Wednesday completely overcome with anxiety. I was practically trying to find everything wrong with something SO good that has come into my life. Creating fear out of nothing. I didn’t want to be doing this, but I was so unaware of the effect that the devil was having on me that I had been letting that happen for days. I was ruining a major gift that the Lord had given me because I was choosing not to accept it.
And then it hit me, and boy did I get upset.
I was sitting in my car literally yelling at the devil for trying to take away and distort the blessings in my life. Like how dare he!? These are MY blessings that the Lord has put into MY life, and he has absolutely no right to be in the middle of them. I instantly began to shift every anxiety into praise. I praised and thanked Jesus for every good blessing in my life. Verbalizing the gifts that He has given me, and I began to actively receive them into my life, rather then passively letting them happen to me.
The emotion and spiritual switch that I felt was AMAZING.

I no longer was overcome by waves of anxiety but was uplifted in a state of JOY because of the unending praise that was flowing from my heart. I wanted to say “Jesus you are so good” over and over. I was in awe of the fact that I got to have these things in my life, rather than overwhelmed by the new presence of them.

So seriously? Why do we even give the devil an ‘in’ into our lives? We often wait until he has full debilitating control over an entire aspect of our lives before we choose to do anything about it. I will wait until the last possible minute when I am so crippled by fear and anxiety before I decide to make a switch and rebuke the presence and power of the devil.

Conviction comes from the Lord. Condemnation comes from the devil.

So what if any time we felt a hint of condemnation, fear, doubt, or anxiety we instantly began to PRAISE Jesus and invite His holy power into the situation, rather than giving the devil pleasure by even playing with those ideas.

If I knew the gifts that the devil would try to take away from me, before he began to try, I would fight oh so much harder for them. But instead I often let my guard down, thinking that a little anxiety and fear won’t affect anything, and even worse, not thinking it is even from the devil. I give it validation and a place in my life because I do not see a threat in it, I see it as reality.

But no more.

No more will the devil have a place in my life to take away my gifts and blessings. No longer does the evil get to instill fear and anxiety into my life. I will not continue to passively sit back and allow good things to disappear or turn bad because of how the devil changes my perspective. And guess what? I don’t have to do this on my own. I am now ACTIVELY choosing to PRAISE Jesus for these things. Look at my life through His eyes. Listen to only conviction and not condemnation. Anoint and pray over the things in my life.

The devil is NOT nice. So from now on I refuse to treat him as someone who is nonthreatening and nice.

But rather I have a POWERFUL and GOOD and FAITHFUL God who is on my side and has already won the war.

xx Syd