What is anxiety?

It is the devil’s lie that puts doubt in our mind that my God is not big enough to handle this problem. The lie that my God is not all knowing enough to anticipate this barrier. The lie that my God is not powerful enough to redeem this situation.

Anxiety is the all-encompassing, debilitating tool that the devil uses to tell me “the cross was not big enough for you are your life. The cross was not strong enough to carry the burden that is on you.”

It is easy to fall into this trap because these thoughts often come in first person. It’s hard to tell the difference between my mind and the devil’s lies. But ANYTHING that shows my God to be weak, small, or limited is something that has been placed in my head by someone who is scared of the powerful plan and anointing that was placed on my life when Jesus told me -

it is finished.

The devil is finished. Death is finished. The hold of evil is finished. But you - oh with you, I have just begun. Because I have a plan for you. I have always had a plan.

If I have a Father who created the world and everything in it, how can I for one second believe the lie that he has forgotten me and is not big enough for my burden.

Bring this darkness to light.

Because this darkness of anxiety can not show it’s face and is forced to run and hide when the Light of the World shines on it. For “Even the darkness will not be dark to You, the night will shine like the day, for the darkness is as light to you.” (Psalm 139:12)

Sydney MorrisComment