Hey life is hard. Like seriously. We are not expected to have everything together, and there are some days when we just need a little extra encouragement. So here is a collection of lyrics and quotes to lift you up and remind you that this is not it. There is another sunrise to come, another breath to breathe. You can keep going because you have someone who will carry the burden for you.

So let your soul and mind rest while you read this post. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let these truths wash over you and renew your spirit.

“When you are unsure of your calling, turn to the one who called you in the first place.” - Jenna Kutcher

“This is the season she will fearlessly pursue those light-woven things she was called to do.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

“This year will not end like last year at all. You have learned to stay strong. You have held onto light when the night was too long. You have braved many fears. You have learned a new song and through all of these valleys, you have learned to stand tall. This year will not end like last year at all.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

“You are fully known and deeply loved.”

“Breathe in gratitude, exhale praise.”

“Inhale. Exhale. It is well. It is well.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

“Be happy in the moment. That’s enough. Each moment is all we need. Not more.” - Mother Teresa

“There is a joy available that the deepest grief cannot put out. No circumstance or person can take away. The joy God gives.” - Tim Keller

“You are most yourself when you are wrapped up in your purpose not your position.” - Steffany Gretzinger

“‘Come as you are’ said He. ‘But I love you, so I will not let you stay there. I will move you and it will hurt, but I promise I won’t leave you.’” - Sum C.

“While you are waiting for those certain things to happen, I hope you know there are still books to read. There are still people worth getting to know and there are still really good songs to sing and these little things might not fix everything, but they will surely remind the soul though the journey is long and winding there is a life to be live on the road.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

“Wrapped in endless, boundless grace.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

“Praise - This is how I fight my battles.” - Michael W. Smith

“You let me be, you let me settle into who I’m supposed to be. There’s room for error, but you’re calling me higher.” - Dion Davis

“Breathe deep and know that it is done, there is a love like no other.” - Capitol City Music

“You made a way when there was no way, and I believe, I’ll see you do it again.” - Elevation Worship

“Yes I will lift you high in the lowest valley. Yes I will bless your name. Yes I will, sing for joy when my heart is heavy, for all my days, oh yes I will.” - Vertical Worship

“Tell the devil no not today.” - Hillsong United

“Fear must’ve thought I was faithful when it came for my heart.” - Hillsong United

“He chases me down, fights till I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine.” - Cory Ashbury

“Even when the rain falls, even when the floods start rising, even when the storm comes, I am washed by the water.” - Needtobreathe

“This was the season she found peace in an unexpected place, in the moment when she almost gave up looking, she chose to hod out anyway, for in the wild of her unknowns when she was tired and afraid, she had the audacity to believe things would not always be this way, and until then, there was peace to be found right where she was.” - Morgan Harper Nichols

“God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself because it is not there. There is no such thing.” - C.S. Lewis

“The breath in my lungs. The blood in my veins. God, you are the God that’s never far away.” - Christian Bosse

“Think about when you were young, do you remember getting worried and stressed about things that seemed so important at the time? Now how do you feel about those things? The issues that felt like life and death, like how the kids didn't give you a fair turn on the playground that day? How do you feel about that now? Do you laugh about it? Does it seem silly? So what are you worried about today? Do you really think it is any less silly than what you were worried about as a child? Your job- Vapor; your apartment- Vapor; your school loans- Vapor. Everything and everyone you love and worry about- it's all Vapor.” - The Liturgists

“The promise of God is this: What’s ahead of me is always more than what’s behind me.”

The Lord LOVES you and is watching over you. He has you in this season, no matter how hard it may be. He is providing everything you need for right now. He has not left your side.
You are doing an incredible job living life. Keep going. You’ve got this.

Cover photo by Morgan Harper Nichols