This post may be coming out a little late considering the fact that we've already written a few posts on self care. But, we wanted to take a moment and just express our knowledge (lack thereof) and the place we speak from. We are two women in their early twenties, experiencing life as it comes. We have both had our own journeys through mental illness and continue to work through much of what comes along with mental illness day by day. 

We are both healthy, strong individuals, who have learned a lot about what it personally looks like for us to practice good self care habits. 

So please know, that we are only speaking from personal experience. Neither of us are professionally trained in any sort of mental health training. I (Court) studied Public Health at the University of Washington, and had the opportunity to take lots of health classes and have a basic level of understanding of many different health issues, but nothing on a deep level. Syd studies Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior and is also learning about different areas of health and how the human life is shaped through the lens of advocacy, human rights, and how we interact with the world around us.

When we talk about self care, we never intend on speaking in absolutes or speaking as if we know whats best for everyone. We are simply here to share what we have learned, what we find helpful and important, and honestly - at the end of the day, we are here sharing whats on hearts in the moment. 

A lot of blogging is putting out content that your readers may want to read. And on the flip side, blogging is also a way to just write and share what you're passionate about. 

So we ask that you read with an open mind and trust that we come with good intentions. Not masters degrees or experties. Simply, experience through troubles and passion through healing. 


Thank you for joining us! 

xx Court & Syd