This question seems contradictory to literally everything we would believe about our inherent worth. That would be because it is, but it is an important question to ask ourselves because I think there’s a divide between our inherent worth, and the level of worth that we treat and see ourselves as.

For those who have a relationship with the Lord, I’m sure we can repeat over and over the identities that we have in Jesus.
I am worthy.
I am loved.
I have a purpose.
I am pure.
I am perfected in His love.
And so on…

These things are true, and I need to remind myself of these things constantly. But even once I get these identities and truths through my head, there’s still the barrier of the worth that I give myself. Shouldn’t the worth that the Lord gives me and the worth I give myself be one in the same? They should, but I’ve been realizing recently that sometimes they couldn’t be farther apart.
I seem to add a ‘but’ clause at the end of these statements, and sometimes it isn’t even conscious. It a lot of the time shows up through my actions: how I care for myself, the decisions I make, what I choose to put up with. These are all reflections of what I consider my worth to be.

To be honest this concept didn’t really hit me until about an hour ago. I am currently sitting in a completely empty house, knowing that I would have the house to myself for at least the next four to five plus hours. I love having the house to myself, it is such a rare thing to have when you live with fifteen other ladies. But the devil instantly started to target this incredible blessing. I began to feel the weight of temptation of having absolutely no one around for so long. I texted one of my friends and told her what was on my mind, and she instantly responded with -

“you deserve so much better than that syd”

The moment she sent that text, I was also blasting Defender by Rita Springer on my speaker - ‘You are the Defender of my heart.’

Man, how often do we not defend our own heart? We know what the Lord says - that we are worthy, loved, perfect - but do we actually act in such a way that models our worth, how cared for and loved we are?
What a change that would be if we started treating ourselves in the way that Jesus sees us.

This is in no way trying to be a guilt-trip of different “bad” habits or behaviors. Seriously, I believe that absolutely everything we do is a personal decision, and I am not here to tell you what is right or wrong. Half of the people in my life would probably tell me I am no where near a “Christian” because of my life choices, and the other half would tell me I’m an ultraconservative nun. There is no right way to do things. So rather than this being a series of me telling you concrete things to do and not to do, I just want to give things to think about in terms of our own mindset towards ourselves.


Your heart is made of pure gold. It was formed with passions and desires and loves and it aches for different things of this world. It flutters when certain people walk by. No matter how many walls are built up around it, your heart can be broken and built up. It loves and has the desire to be loved. The Lord holds your heart with such care and delicacy because he created to be a work of art. He created your heart to be cared for in the way that He cares for it. But often I don’t see my own heart that way. I don’t even think of my heart half the time when I make decisions. I don’t think about the potential impact that it may have, the damage or benefit it could do.

What if we started caring for our hearts in the way the Lord does?

Not trying to avoid pain because pain is apart of life, but rather asking the question before each decision “is my heart worth this?”
If I had asked myself that question before just about every night during my freshman year of college, life would be a lot different. I don’t regret those decisions because they have lead me to the place that I am today (cliché much??), but I would not choose to put my heart through those things again. Detaching myself from all emotion, believing that my heart was not worth any more than one night stands, drunken make-outs on the dance floor, and responding unhesitatingly to “you up?” texts.
What if we defended our hearts in the way that Jesus does? What a force we would be if we acted in ways that reflected our true worth. Not allowing ourselves to accept anything less than what we were created for. That is what I consider to be quite a bad-ass woman.


This one is hard, and I am in no position to give any specific opinions on this topic (well any of this). I have no degree in any health-related field. I have gone through seasons of restricting my eating, over-exercising, poor body image, consuming complete garbage, not moving my body at all.
The mindset concept that I want to give for our bodies comes straight from the Bible - “Your body is a sacred place, the place of the Holy Spirit? … Let people see God in and through your body. “ (1 Corinthians 6:19-20 MSG)
Now this verse is taken a little out of the original context of the chapter, however the inherent message and value is still the same. You were created to be a beautiful and holy and perfect place. You were created as a work of art.

The Lord does not see any flaw when He looks at you.

Media and society have greatly distorted this and the perception that we end up having of ourselves is greatly disconnected from the pure view the Lord has of each one of us. Every single way in which we treat our body, the things we put inside of it, the ways in which we work our body are all reflections of how we see our worth, whether we know it or not. How would I treat the place I consider most sacred to me - a secret place that I hold dear to my heart? I would treat it with the upmost respect and worth that it deserves. So if we are equally as worth, precious, and valuable then we should put that same kind of care into how we look at and treat our physical bodies.

You are worth more than you will ever be able to fathom. You inherent worth does NOT change based on your actions, your mood, how much time you spend with the Lord, or even the worth in which you see yourself. You always have been and always will be a beautiful work of art designed by the Creator of the universe. The choice is now if we will treat ourselves with that same worth that we already have. It is a daily choice that I fail at every single day. In no way should we ever feel guilty or shameful about any of these decisions because, trust me, we will fall short in every single decision.
But honestly, I think that is the most beautiful part. Because no matter how worthy we consider ourselves to be, and how well we express that worth, there is someone who thinks of you as unimaginably MORE worthy than that.

Sit in that. Soak that in. Allow yourself to be in the presence and love of someone who sees you in measures of worthiness and beauty that our human minds can’t even imagine. It doesn’t matter what you do. He does not care one bit. He only craves for you to see yourself in the way that He sees you.