Who doesn’t love a cheap AND healthy option? Far too often the healthy option does not equal the cheaper option. But today it DOES!

Personal fact: I have SUPER dry skin. Like ridiculously so. Peeling, flaking, burning, itching :( especially in the winter, but also all year long.

Recently, I was looking up good exfoliants for my skin and they were just all so expensive. I wasn’t about to splurge on something that I wasn’t sure would even work. But THEN I looked up a homemade recipe and it was so easy!!!!

So here we go:

1 part coconut oil

2 parts granulated cane sugar

Essential oil drops (for me - peppermint)

Ta Da. The end.

Mix it all up in a bowl and transfer to a mason jar, or whatever container you would like to keep it in.

Further details for those who care: I used 1.5 cups of oil and 3 cups of sugar and about ~40 drops of peppermint oil. This recipe gave me 2 pint mason jars worth. My guess is it will last me about 6 months! Also total cost was like $10 - and that was with using decently expensive coconut oil.

Does it matter what brand of coconut oil you use? Probably not, but also I’m a huge proponent of being wise with goes on my skin. I will say using organic sugar is wise (because that is what was recommended to me by a very wise and health conscious individual). But do your research and figure out whats best for you :)

Hope you enjoy!

*EDIT: I have now been using this for over a month and it has CHANGED my skin for the better! Gotten rid of so many dry patches and reduced itchiness on my skin all over. I use it on my face and that is where I actually see the biggest improvement! It is also super great to do BEFORE shaving, and makes the whole process a lot smoother.

xx court