Harrison and I both heard from the Lord that this next season of life would be one of ABUNDANCE. We both heard this in the weeks leading up to, and the beginning of our time dating. 

That was 16 months ago. And yet, I am feeling this promise of abundance to be even more true today.

Last weekend I was surrounded by nearly 100 women who were all seeking and learning about what it means to live out our whole truth. Out on Whidbey Island, I was literally swept away by the power of God's love through the wind we experienced on that stormy, sunny, rainy, snowing island. This past week, I have been unpacking the things God is teaching me one day at a time, one conversation at a time. I'm beginning to see hope in new ways, remembering great promises He has given, and living into the fullness he has provided in this season. 


FOUR months from today, we are getting married!!! 


TWENTY DAYS from now I get to return to a place I count very close to home





In under FOUR months, I get to GRADUATE from the University of Washington, and while my time here has been a blessing, I could. not. wait. to. be. done. :) 


And while there are all of these moments and events to look forward to, I am beginning to understand the importance of each moment I live here and now. The Lord promised abundance for all of this season. And if I choose to open my eyes and see it in each moment, it is so clearly there.

Abundance in the daily joys I experience through the women I get to live with. Abundance in the material I am learning inside and outside of the classroom. Abundance of support and care I have recieved from those around me in this season of wedding planning. Abundance in the form of generosity from both Harrison and I's families. Abudance in the form of community, and the neighborhood I have been so fortunate to live in. 


By the end of the day on June 24th, I'll be married, graduated from college, working (TBD), and living (TBD). There's a lot of unknowns that lie beyond June 24th, and a lot of new and exciting things as well. But between now and then, I get to live out my last four months of college, my last four months of living with 15 amazing women, my last four months of learning and living unmarried, and as a single individual.

While much of my heart and soul wants to jump ahead, I know that there is too much good around me in this season to skip over. And this brings me to an idea, or more of a hope. A hope that I would strive to challenge myself and others to live FULLY. There is so much to gain in wisdom, experience, and emotion. Today's culture seems to push things aside with an "oh, I'll process that some other time" mentality. Busyness is our greatest enemy, but with a simple mindset change busyness can quickly translate to fullness. The days are short and full, and when we view this in a negative light, this life turns to busyness. But by making the active choice to see the blessings and opportunities and people in front of us each and every day, our lives can be full of great friends, constant learning, and endless opportunities to love, grow, serve, and share. 

Rest is essential. And making time for it is a skill we all need to develop. But sometimes changing your outlookon the appointments and responsibilities on your calendar can turn a coffee date into a refreshing hour, or a class into a growing experience. If we allow the things on our calendar to bring us life, then rest and refreshment can be all around us. 

Personally, I rest when I'm with people I love. I'm at rest when I'm in class if my mind is in a healthy place. I'm at rest when I go my small group or the Inn (IF I choose to view these events as life giving, IF I walk in with an open and receptive mind).

How are you choosing to find LIFE in your daily activities?

Try it out!

xx Court