Am I the only one that every once in a while gets irrationally irritated with those around me and completely forgets that they are people with their own stories too? When I see someone cut me off in traffic, and I instantly define them by that split second act, rather than seeing them in the way the Lord sees them.

I split up this post into a few different types of people that we may encounter in our day-to-day. My goal for this was honestly for my own self to begin to recognize the humanity of those that I interact with each day. Shifting my perspective to see them in their whole and pure identity that the Lord gave them, rather than through the lens of my broken self.

IMPORTANT: In no way am I trying to stereotype any of these types of people, or put any labels on people because I have been all of these people at one point, as I’m sure we all have. But rather, I’m trying to verbalize judgments we may have about people and break them down.

The Person Who Seems Too Good For Everything

How we see them: Someone who is stuck up, egotistical, ignorant, and just plain someone we don’t want to be around.

How the Lord sees them: They struggle with feeling unworthy. But my child, I am trying to show you how worthy, qualified, and enough you are. You are so precious to me. I want you to see that.

The Person With Road Rage

How we see them: An obnoxious bully who needs to calm the heck down.

How the Lord sees them: You have so much going on. You are so overwhelmed. I am here, and I want to take that burden from you. You don’t have to do this alone.

The Know-It-All

How we see them: Ok, literally can’t they just chill for one minute and not brag about everything they know all of the time.

How the Lord sees them: Wow I love this beautiful brain that I created for you. It is going to do so many incredible things one day.

The Unseen

There are also people that we pass by every day. People that we don’t realize are just as human as us.

The barista that is getting you your coffee. Enter into conversation with them. They are treated as a transaction all day long. They get coffee for people, are not acknowledged, and are passed by. Say hi. Ask them about their day. At least make eye contact with them.

The person holding a sign on the side of the road. They are human too and I can not emphasize that enough. Stretch yourself to give a quick wave or say hello. Do not simply ignore them when they ask you for something, if it was anyone else that looked different, we would be able to at least say the words “I’m so sorry, but I can’t”.

The bus driver that drives you to and from work, and yet does not receive a single thank you.

The person that you glare at who cut you off may have just heard the worst news of their life.

The professor that is unorganized and everyone complains about may be going through something unimaginable and can’t focus during work.

There are so many situations unfolding around us constantly that we will never know about. Everyone is going through something. We have all been in situations where someone’s unintentional, unkind actions affected our day because of the other things that we were going through.

Let’s ask the Lord to give us the lens through which he sees those around us, not the one that we have from our own limited perspective. The Lord loves each of us so much and has a purpose and individual identity for each of His children. Lets lean into that thought.

xx Syd