This is more of just a photo dump (WOO!). And maybe a little story about our whole wedding day played out…

For those of you who have been asking and waiting, wedding photos are finally going up on the blog! 

This day was so surreal. I needed to take some to process it all and enjoy the photos on my own before sharing. But now....I am so excited to share them with you all! 

Can I just take a moment and give a HUGE shoutout to all of the incredible women who were surrounding me on this day. From our amazing photographer, who is simply the realist, most genuine woman - to my day of coordinator, Ivyanne, who to care of me so abundantly well - to my mom and sisters for taking care of me as well - to my freaking baddie of a hair stylist who made the morning SO fun - all the way to my incredible bridesmaids who brought so much joy and life to this day. I'm so thankful looking back on these photos, and feel so incredibly blessed to have such amazing women in my life. 


Fun fact about the week leading up to our wedding: Harrison was insanely sick starting the Thursday a WEEK AND A HALF before our wedding. And he remained sick until approximately 36 hours before walking down the isle. The Tuesday before our wedding we spent a majority of our afternoon at the doctor's office trying to figure out why he'd had a fever of 103 degrees for 6 straight days.  To be honest it was a v stressful week. All my "last minute details" that we had intentionally set aside time for, did not get done. Because, there was in fact, no time to do them. It was a hectic week of sanitizing things, Dr. appointments, grocery store runs for medicine and soup, lots of prayers, and little sleep. 




He was lookin' just dandy right before our first look! 

Fun fact about my health status on the day of the was not great. I had a fever both Saturday and Sunday. I woke up on our wedding day feeling like POOP. I have a hard time even going through some of these photos because I remember how I felt, and how it seemed impossible to keep my eyes open.

And yet, because of the incredible women around me, and whole lot of Tylenol and Advil - WE MADE IT. Also a pretty neat God who was gracious and present, and faithful to surround me with those incredible people. 


But before we get to the first look...while Harrison was down in the kitchen sippin' La Croix, I was upstairs twirling around and pretending I felt fine. And to be honest, this dress helped me feel better. Cause how can you feel sick, when you also feel like a princess at the same time? 

And here we go...



Can we rewind? 

I can't forget about this moment. 

Then onto the group photos! Major shout out to our photographer Allison Harp for making the call to take photos at Gas Works. I was worried about it looking too "Seattle-ish", but she killed it. 

Maid(s) of Honor: Katherine Holland & Ashely Weeks 

Best Man: Caleb Andonian




A huge thank you to Juliet + Lou


A sleepy / sick break.

It was in this moment we decided it would be a great decision to release some groomsmen and have them go pick up Dick's Burger and Fries. Best. Call. Ever. 

Now onto the venue and the madness (and joy) that is family photos! 

Pro Tip: CLICK on the photo if you would like to see it full screen. 

We lucked out with some pretty amazing parents and grandparents :)

The rest of the SIBS :) The ones who were just a little to little to be in the bridal party but JUST AS MUCH a part of this day. Some of my favorite humans on this earth. 

Then it became crunch time. We squeezed in a few more photos before the ceremony and then ran down to hide! 

And so it begins...


^ personal favorite above ^

After the ceremony we snuck away for a few more photos. The reception was FILLED with sweet moments and friends. It truly was the greatest celebration. Towards the end of the night I started feeling really sick, and we actually ended up calling our car service and having them come a little early. I was extremely ready to start sleeping off the sickness! And while in the moment it felt like I couldn't stand for another second, I do wish we could have stayed longer to dance the night away with all of our friends! 

The END!