You guys, lets be honest - finding fun, budget friendly things to do as a date can be challenging. So I’ve complied some of our favorites to share with you! I hope you this post sparks some ideas for your next date night or weekend adventure!

They are in no specific order, but I have ranked them with little dollar signs for pricing ideas :)

1) Cook a meal together - $$

This might sound boring at first, but honestly it can be so fun! It’s also much more cost effect than eating out, and can be a lot healthier too. Harrison and I love to cook together, and often have a ton of fun trying out new recipes. Buying the ingredients can be a little pricy BUT you can usually use them in lots of other meals as well, so it works out monetarily in mind opinion.

Personal favorite recipe for a salad:

  • arugula

  • strawberries

  • candied walnuts

  • goat cheese

  • olive oil

  • balsamic glaze

  • lime juice

2) Visit the Volunteer park conservatory (specific to seattle) - $

This place is AMAZING. It’s only $4 for adults, and free for kids! Its a beautiful place to walk through and to sit and enjoy the warmth of the garden. So many sights to take in and SO MUCH inspiration! If you’re into plants this is the place to go. And if you’re not into plants, you will be after you visit. There’s a gift shop and everything. There’s also an entire wing of the building dedicated to cacti.

3) Test out different donut shops around your area! - $


Donuts are the cheapest ever! And so yummy (duh). A fun date would be to pick the top three donut shops are you, visit each and rank the donuts! Then you know for future reference which one you like best. Think of it like bar hopping, but with donuts :P

4) Visit a state landmark or capital building - $

Okay, if you’re like me this definitely sounds boring at first. But seeing the history of your city or state can be really interesting and eye opening. Take a road trip to a monument or building that interests you and learn about your home together! This is more on the educational side of things, but can be so fun when turned into a day together learning about your home.


5) HB Bev co. (specific to seattle) - $$

There’s a million good food options and ideas I could share with you, but Health Bones Beverage Co. is just so stinkin’ good. Just go, trust me. Recommend going on a hot, sunny day.

6) Look up a recipe for a fun cocktail and make it at home - $$


This is one that can be a little spendy up front but the ingredients last you a long while. AND making drinks at home is WAY cheaper than going out to a restaurant or bar! Harrison and I love going to Bevmo or Total Wine and More. They have everything you could ever need and its so fun to experiment and learn about mixing cocktails.

7) Take a ferry! - $


Ferries are typically pretty cheap if you walk on (i.e. don’t take a car). Go somewhere with a fun little town on the other side of the water and spend the day window shopping :) Our favorite is Bainbridge because of the great shops and yummy crepes!

8) Learn a new card game - $

On our honeymoon I taught Harrison our family card game and that was the best decision I ever made. We play cards ALL. THE. TIME. It’s one of our favorite at-home date nights. So easy, so fun, and FREE. Right now we are super into UNO and a game called Bonanza!


9) Grab milkshakes - $

Simple enough, but can be oh so fun! Just go eat a yummy milkshake, don’t count the calories, and enjoy




PRO TIP: if you are vegan or dairy free Whole Foods has vegan (dairy free) milkshakes and they are TO DIE FOR.

10) Visit the Zoo! - $$$

The zoo may seem childish but lets be real - we all have fun at the zoo! My one suggestion would be to go earlier OR later in the day. Do not go in the middle of the day on a weekday unless you want to run into a bunch of elementary school classes. Too many kids….

Anyhoo, the zoo can be a bit pricy, but its an easy to spend a lot of time there too! So many its worth it? I don’t know, up to you. But there are typically good deals here and there, so just plan accordingly and in advance.

11) Paint n’ Sip - $$$

Paint n’ Sip!!! OKAY I know I’m saying these are all my favorite things, but this one takes the cake. It is definitely on the pricy side and because of that it makes a great birthday or Christmas gift! If you don’t know what paint n’ sip is, its basically a super fun art class where you get to drink wine and paint. The instructors are incredible, the atmosphere is relaxing and fun, and the wine is obviously yummy. This is hands down my favorite gift, something Harrison has given to me for the past two Christmases and birthdays. So fun!

Side note: there’s a couple places you can do this, but we do it through Canvas! and at the Fremont location :) Click HERE for deets.

12) Lime Bikes - $

You guys. Lime bikes are so fun and basically free. If you don’t have the app already, HMU because I can give you a referral code and we BOTH would get free rides out of it!

Lime bikes are such a fun way to get a little exercise, do something out doors, and spend time together. Highly suggest going to greenlake or a nearby park, grabbing some food, and having a picnic!

TA DA! Thats it! I’m biased obvi, but these are my favorite things to do! I hope this list provides you with some inspiration and FUN. You deserve to have fun. AND trying something new and learning along the way - that’s double fun.

I want to challenge you (yes YOU reading this) to pick one of these things that seems out of your comfort zone and to try it with your partner. Have fun with it, and go into it open minded. You’re bound to have a great time.

AND THEN - Let me know which one you tried in the comments below, or via instagram!