Hi Friends!

Coming into the new year we wanted to share with you some of our FAVORITE spots around Seattle! Now it took a little while (happy February) but here we go.

Coffee, food, happy hour (really just my 1 and only fav spot), and more. Seattle has so many popular spots along with so many little hole-in-the-wall treasures. We want to share our favorites with you all so hopefully you can spice up your routine and find a new favorite!

Our Top Picks

Name, Location


  • Capital Coffee Works, Cap Hill

  • Roy Street Cafe, Cap Hill

  • Retreat Coffee, Greenlake

  • Street Bean, UD

  • MiiR, Wallingford

  • Slate Coffee Roasters, UD

  • Seattle Sunshine Coffee, Bryant

  • Broadcast Coffee Roasters, Roosevelt

  • Zoka, Kirkland or UD


  • Mamma Melina’s (Happy hour), UD

  • Aqua Verde, UD

  • Thai Tom, UD

  • Broadfork Cafe, UD

  • Mr. West Cafe, Downtown

  • Homegrown, Cap Hill

  • Evergreens, University Village

  • Thai Fusion Bistro, Northgate

  • Verve Bowls, Cap Hill

  • Even Stevens, University Village

  • The Fat Hen (brunch), Ballard

  • The Matador, Ballard

  • Tacos Chukis, Cap Hill

  • La Isla (late happy hour), Ballard

  • Oddfellows (brunch), Cap Hill

  • Franks (brunch), UD

Milkshakes (yes they deserve their own category)

  • Next Level Burger at Whole foods, Roosevelt

  • Dick’s Burgers (duh), UD (45th)

  • Beth’s, Greenlake

HIGHLY recommend checking these spots out! Take a friend, switch up your routine. These are the places we’ve made favorite memories, spent time with dear friends, and ultimately the places that make Seattle home to us. We hope you enjoy!

xx Court & Syd