Honestly, Court should be the one writing this because she’s actually from Portland. But because I took a weekend trip there with my brother recently, I guess I’m beating her to it!

Whenever I travel anywhere, I rely heavily on Yelp and recommendations. I do a heck of a lot of research beforehand so that I can have some places that I want to go. Also because what’s worse than wasting two hours in your room, trying to figure out what to do. When you are only gone for a weekend, you have to hit the ground running to get everything in. So here were some of our favorite places to go during out mini weekend getaway! (At some point, I’m sure Court will do a comprehensive local guide to Portland because we only got to go to so many places in a weekend)

Coffee & Tea

  1. Water Avenue Coffee

    Omg cutest little most aesthetic place in downtown. The coffee is SO good and they roast it themselves.

  2. Barista

    There are multiple locations, and we actually just stumbled in here because we needed a place to kill time. They roast some of their coffee, and get some of it from other roasters. Definitely more of a basic coffee shop vibe, and a great spot to study.

  3. Tea Bar

    I’m not a fan of bubble tea, but my brother loves it and wow the aesthetic. I could live there. Everything is white, and there is barely any decor. It is so simplistic and satisfying.

  4. Good Coffee

    Yes. It has very good coffee. Also so aesthetic and such a cute entryway.


  1. Caricoa Bowl

    Best. Acai. Bowls. Ever. Best. Place. Ever. Seriously - this place is like an all in one smoothie bowl shop & yoga studio & zen garden. We got to sit outside in the sunshine and eat acai bowls, and watch doggos run around. I never wanted to leave.

  2. Guero

    Sustainable and local mexican food. Need I say more?

  3. Fifty Licks Ice Cream

    Some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I got their Water Avenue Coffee ice cream and it was to die for.

  4. Por Que No

    Yummy yummy yummy Mexican food.


  1. Powell’s Books

    I think I found at least six books within ten minutes that I added to my “need to read” list. Super crowded on a Saturday though, so I would suggest going during a non-peak time!

  2. Tender Loving Empire

    We went to two different locations because I was so in love. This place is a dream, and I need one in Seattle. There were so many handmade and artisan products. Everything from wine and chocolate to jewelry and candles and journals and prints.

  3. Prana

    My brother said this was his one request. There are only a handful of stores in the U.S., and Portland has one of them. Yay for outdoors gear!

  4. Woonwinkle

    A color explosion. We weren’t planning on going here, but it caught my eye while walking down the street and I fell in love.


  1. International Rose Test Garden

    So many roses. It is so fun to walk through and take pictures.

  2. Pittock Mansion

    The most beautiful view of Portland. You can see the entire city.

(I suck - No pictures for these)

Like I said, I’m sure Court would have a million and one other recommendations, but these are the ones we got to pop over too! Leave us a comment for your favorite places in Portland!

xx Syd