Does anybody else get a little stir crazy in the winter months? I know I’m not the only one. If you live in Seattle, you know we’ve had a beautiful, and surprisingly WARM October. Now that it’s November, I feel like the weather is finally waking up to reality and all of a sudden its FREEZING. I walked outside this morning and couldn’t even see a block ahead of me cause of the fog. Anyhoo, with winter comes cold and with the cold come cooped up feelings. Its hard to get outside in the midst of rain, fog, and colder temps.

As a result, I for one, get a bit stir crazy. And because I realize I’ll be spending a ton of time indoors, particularly in our little apartment, I’m trying to get ahead of myself to prepare for when I actually do feel cooped up.

I work from home a majority of the time, which I love, but this also leads to me feeling cooped up at times. So while I’ve been working on getting out of the house, scheduling time for coffee shops, stepping outside for short walks in between meetings…I’m finding I also just need to address the inside of my home.

So…this week has consisted of a lot of mini projects :D

I’ve spent some time identifying the places inside that give me the most stress and frustration, and what I’ve found are these areas:

  • My make-up/cosmetics cart

  • Our storage room

  • Work out gear and equipment

After identifying these areas, I basically thought about them for a few days and tried to figure out a cheap, long lasting solution. For some, it was easier than others. So I’ll share with you what I found!

For the make up cart:

I use a three tiered cart from IKEA to organize all my make up, moisturizers, hair stuff, etc. And lets be honest, who’s cosmetic situation isn’t a mess at times? But the problem for me was that because it was mess, I would get frustrated in the morning if I couldn’t find something. I also hate looking at messy things, and this cart sits in plain view of our bedroom.

In a perfect world, I would love to have storage that is hidden behind cabinets to store these products, but with the space we have right now, thats not an option. So…easy and cheap fix: Storables. Harrison and I popped down to University Village and grabbed a few items that were simple, but effective as storing and organizing the mess I had going on. I also found a few left over mason jars from our wedding to supplement the storables pieces, that way I could buy less, but still have everything in its own container!

Now when I’m getting ready in the mornings, I much less frustrated, and things are so much easier to find!

For our storage room:

Honestly, this one just needed some cleaning. I tidied up a bunch of boxes, toss some stuff to goodwill, consolidated a few other things (like putting Harrison and I’s winter/summer storage in 1 box, rather than 2 different boxes), and TA DA it was so much less clutter!

It may not look a ton better, but its so much more organized on the inside!

Now, for the workout gear and equipment:

We basically have a bunch of smaller things for excersies, PT stuff, and foam rollers - that sort of deal. I had this basket of blankets that we never really used, so all I did was relocate the blankets, and use the basket for all our gear! MAKES ME SO HAPPY for everything to have a place. It may seem odd, but it drives me nuts when random work out stuff is just put in random corners of our apartment. But no more :)

Bottom line of all this - little changes can make a big deal. If you’re like me and SPACE matters, then finding little ways to improve your spaces can make a big impact on the day to day! Try it out, find a place in your home that drives you crazy or is a consistent source of frustration. It may even be the way that you store toilet paper, or the place you always throw your shoes. Whatever it is, identify it and change it! Do some winter cleaning and get yourself ready for the cooped up coziness of winter.