Hey ya’ll! I thought I would do a little recap of our Bellingham / Canada trip this past weekend.

Our intentions were to book an Airbnb for a night and then snow shoe Mt. Baker, but plans changed left and right and ended up being the most incredible weekend! As we were looking for Airbnbs we came across this SWEET property offering rooms to rent for the night and it was a SUPER good deal. Best part - we found out there was a sauna built out back for the guests to use. SO WE OBVIOUSLY BOOKED IT FOR TWO NIGHTS. Already this trip was getting cooler. I mean who doesn’t love to come home to a sauna after a day of adventuring? But hold up - more on that later.

We drove up to Bellingham in the evening after work, grabbed some Chick-fil-A on the way (duh), and arrived around 8 pm. Our host was incredible, had the sauna ready for us and everything. So we dumped our bags and dawned our white robes and headed to the sauna asap.

Like what. Could this have been more beautiful? NO. It was perfect bliss.

So that was cool.

Then the next day we woke up and were getting ready to head out to Mt. Baker when we found out there was slight potential for some avalanches. Kinda wanted to avoid that….

Harrison ran downstairs for something and bumped into our airbnb host and they ended up chatting for a minute about different snow shoe routes. He told us about this thing called Sea to Sky. We checked it out and were sold on it immediately.

Only tiny detail was that it was in CANADA. But we had actually packed our passports just in case, and thank goodness we did!!

FUN FACT: I have been waiting for 5 months to get my passport back from changing my name (yay marriage) and I got in the mail THE DAY BEFORE WE LEFT FOR BELLINGHAM. Thank you Jesus!!!

So things were working out smoothly. We hopped in the car, crossed the border and were on our way! The drive was BOMB.

Canada is cool.

It was about a 2 hour drive in total, and worth every single second. You’re driving along this highway, right along side the water and the mountains and then all of a sudden theres a little turn out on the right and you’re there! If you’ve never taken a gondola before, its basically just like a ski lift, except a little box you’re in, instead of a bench. I kind of feel like I’m on a ride at Disneyland but with way better views.

I think the ride up was about 3-5 minutes. Maybe a little longer? Definitely long enough to take alllll the pics and enjoy the views. And also long enough to the point where you get out and you are very happy to be on solid ground again. Especially if you’re not a huge fan of heights.

At the top of the gondola theres a little lodge and a ton of different snow shoe routes and hikes around the top of the mountain. Theres also a fun little kids area, play place, a fire pit and snow tubbing. The lodge has a gift shop and a restaurant as well! Definitely a cool lunch spot, with some killer views.

We started with the panorama trial, and this is the one with the BEST views.


We snow shoed around for a while, played in the snow, built a little snowman and then headed back down. Harrison was a trooper because I got tired at the end and we were just kind of at a hiking place and so he carried my snow shoes the rest of the way. I luv him <3

We headed back down the mountain, and drove to Vancouver! We got some Mexican food for lunch - BOMB - then were on the hunt for a good bar. Harrison’s favorite bar from college had closed down but we found another super cool Irish pub. Peep me impatiently waiting for my tacos.

THEN we headed back to the US of A and waited in line for about an hour to cross the border. Not the most fun part of the day, but we made it. Then we stopped by Aslan Brewing for their incredible burrito bowl meals, took them back to the airbnb, played a couple rounds of UNO and then hopped in the sauna one last time.

Sunday morning we woke up and packed up! We stopped by Fairhaven on the way out of town, visited our favorite book store Village Books, and ate lunch at my FAVORITE place in Bham - Jalapeños.

You guys. I have been waiting to eat this burrito since the last time I was here. It is so good. I can not even explain. Just hop in your car and go. Yes, it deserves it’s own picture.


And that was the end of an incredible weekend! Full of adventure, new things, GREAT Mexican food, sweet company, and gorgeous views (land, food, and Harrison - duh).

Thanks for following along! I hope you enjoyed this recap. Comment below or subscribe to tell us what you’d like to see more of in the coming posts. If you want to check out any of the places we went, I’ve linked them all throughout the post with hyperlinks, but I will also link them below!

Our Airbnb

Sea to Sky


Aslan Brewing


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