I am definitely someone who sets goals at the beginning of the school year, calendar year, and that’s just about it. There may be mini goals of things that I need to get done here and there throughout the week, but I don’t often sit down and think about my intentional goals. Thinking about what I want this next season of my life to look like, or even beyond that, regardless of what it does look like, what I want to focus on. Whether it’s committing to attend more classes, drink water, have a self care day every other week, get homework done a night before it’s due, or listen to more podcasts, I think that setting goals can be such an influential thing when we have a defined beginning and end of a season.

This post is definitely more of just my thought process for what I want the beginning of my Spring quarter, and April to look like. Every single person’s life is going to look a little or a lot different. I don’t believe there is any mold or template by which we should be living life or goals that we should be achieving. So these are my goals, and my only encouragement for you is to set aside time to think about yours. Whether it’s the beginning of a new quarter, you’re about to start a new job, or it’s just the middle of the week in a typical routine that has no end in sight. Allow yourself time to think about goals for the next few months, or even just through the end of this week. Be intentional and don’t just go through the motions of either the insanity or mundanity (pretty sure I just made that word up) of life.


  • Get more involved in Core Power Yoga.

    • I did the free week trial for CPY and LOVED it. I think it is oh so important to love the workout that you do. Exercise can be fun and exhilarating or it can be dreadful. It all depends on if you are doing something that you actually enjoy. I was obsessed with how CPY combined incredible music, HIIT workouts, strength training, heat, and traditional yoga together. They have a wide range of classes for many different levels and experiences.

  • Water

    • Wow I suck at drinking water. I want to always have a cup or bottle of water on me and drink at LEAST 70 ounces a day.

  • Stretch

    • I know that stretching makes my body feel better. I have so many exercises from my physical therapist that I don’t do, and then I wonder why my body hurts. So I want to commit to making my body feel good and helping myself out a bit.

  • Get outside

    • It’s getting to be spring time here in Seattle. I want to keep windows open, take walks, breathe in the fresh air.


  • No phone day and no plan day

    • I want to set aside two days this month specifically for my mental health. One day will be a no phone day, where I turn off my phone when I go to sleep the night before, and don’t turn it on until the morning after. (Side note: I’ve done this before and highly recommend letting important people know you are doing this so that they don’t worry - I learned this the hard way). The other day I want to have as a day with no plans. I think so much better when I get a whole day to reset. I get to choose how I spend that day - either catching up on work that I’m behind on, doing nothing, sleeping, or getting outside.

  • START the day with Jesus

    • This is something that I have been doing for lent. I do not look at my phone until I’ve had Jesus time. I want Him to be the first thing I go to to sustain me.

    • In The Wait is a six week devotional that one of the girls in my house lent me. I started it today, and want to be finished with it by the end of April. I love having something specific to do in my Jesus time every once in a while so that I don’t get burnt out trying to figure out what to do each morning.

  • Do not check out. Stay mindful.

    • Towards the end of the year it can be so easy to just try to make it to the finish line. We go through the motions and forget about the moments we do have left. I want to stay intentional and mindful in my house and in the relationships I have. Where I am right now is where I should be and I don’t want to rush through it and miss valuable times.


  • Budget

    • I’ve gotten to a place where I finally have a steady and reliable flow of income. Budgeting can be so hard when hours at work are constantly changing, and that’s often how it is in college. But now I have a set schedule at work, so I want to be very aware of where my money is going and what I’m spending it on. Money should not be a source of anxiety like it usually is. I HATE talking about money and dealing with it. But I know with that mindset, I’m giving money power over me. Time to take control of my money, how I spend, invest, and save it.

  • No clothes

    • I’ve actually done this for practically the whole school year. I don’t think I’ve bought any new clothes this year, and I’m in a place now where I don’t even think about it. So might as well keep the streak going!

  • Save save save

    • I’m already really good at saving. But with developing a new budget, I want to know how much I will be saving. This way things will be more predictable and I will get into a routine of how much money I know I will always have for either tuition, or in case of an emergency.

So there they are - my April Intentions! I know that there will times when I fail. When I forget to stretch, go through the motions, go off of my budget, but that’s not the point of these. It’s not meant to be a legalistic set of standards that I must always meet or else my month will suck. It’s meant to be a way that I can be mindful and intentional with the way that I’m living. Each season is important. We can grow and learn from every single moment, whether it’s by resting or practicing self care or working hard or checking in with friends. There is no season that is just a “throw away” time. Life is not yesterday or tomorrow. It’s today. It’s right now. So live it.

xx Syd