I get a lot of questions and compliments about my room and how I go about decorating it, so I wanted to give some more information on it! It has taken me years of sifting through a bunch of different phases and decor trial and error to get to a place where I am seriously so in love with my room.

I want to kind of explain what I wanted my room to be because I know that your bedroom is such a personal space and it will be different for everyone.
I have always wanted my room to be a safe haven. A place where I can go to feel safe, at peace, and calm. For the last several years I have been in love with minimalist and Scandinavian hygge aesthetic (and if you want to learn a little more about how I incorporate minimalism as a lifestyle, check out this post!). I love the simple color schemes, minimal amounts of decor, and the feel of having a space be a sanctuary for the rest of hectic and chaotic life.
I want to be surrounded with positive, uplifitng, and life giving things - whether it be through the books that I display, prints that I hang, or other decor on my walls.

Another very important things for me since I am still in a season of a lot of transition and moving, is that how I choose to set up my room are all things that are easily packable and moveable. I live in my house September-June, and we switch rooms within that house in January. I then pack up in June and move into wherever I live during the summer (it’s never the same each year). Then in September, I pack up again and move back into my house. So a lot of moving happens.
I’ve pretty much gotten moving down to a science, but it’s still quite a process.

Another fun thing that I love about being so intentional with how I set up my room is that it keeps me accountable for keeping my room clean. If I have a beautifully decorated room, I’m going to want it to be as clean and presentable as much as possible so I can show it off!

Ok. So now onto the fun stuff where you get to see my real room!

So this is my fun room from Seattle! If I could change one thing about it, that would be the wall color. It drives me ever so slightly crazy in real life, but doesn’t look all that awful in edited photos. It’s a much more intense and bright color in person. I stay pretty simple in my room decor as to not overwhelm myself. I have a few hanging prints from Live Salted (not pictured) and Jenessa Wait, as well as a white memo board from Target.
One of my favorite things is my quote collage that I have. I just recently got it and for only $8! How you ask? Ok so Parabo has a deal where you can get your first set of 25 prints for only the price of shipping. Most people choose to just get pictures printed (but obviously I had to be a little more aesthetic than that). I have an album of quotes that I have screenshotted over time and I love looking through them for encouragement. So I decided to pick all of the white based ones and get them printed. It is my favorite part of my room by far because it is an incredible source of encouragement, and calligraphy is my fav.

I want my room to be as alive as possible. Weird statement, right? Ok, let me explain what I mean by that. I love having plants all over my room, which is just so refreshing to me. Having life in my room and fun things that are constantly changing and growing. I have eight plants in my room (some real, some fake). Excessive much? Yes. I also always have either a candle burning or essential oils diffusing on my bedside table, while also always keeping my window open. Having air constantly flowing through the room as well as it smelling good, with mainly natural scents can change the entire feel of a room for me. It feels refreshing to be in there, rather than stuffy and confined.

The number one thing that keeps me accountable for keeping my room clean is that little tray that I set on my bed. Such a simple thing, but it has been revolutionary in keeping my room clean. I got the tray as a fun aesthetic room decor piece where I could set a plant, candle, my journal, or whatever else I wanted to put there. When I sleep, I usually put the tray on the floor or on my desk. I hate keeping it both of those places throughout the day, so it forces me to make my bed in the morning. And if my bed is made, might as well make sure the rest of the room is clean, right? It’s such a small things that I have loved to keep me accountable. Also when you are proud of how you have decorated your room, you want to keep it clean to show it off!

The last thing that I actually just added are those notes that I have above my desk. Those are all notes that people have written me since college started. Not only are they beautiful to display, but often I forget the sweet truths and encouragements that friends have written me. It is a precious reminder of the people that I have supporting me and speaking into my life constantly.

I think it is so important to make your room YOURS. Even while in college and amidst a lot of transition. This is a space where you may spend a lot of time, or really only time to sleep, but no matter what it is a space that you will call home for this season of life. It should be a space you are excited to be in, that is refreshing and life-giving and personalized to you.
Even just having fun things like my string lights above my window, and my Alexa speaker to be constantly playing worship music adds to making this temporary space home for me.

Whatever it may mean to you, it’s so worth it to invest in your space. Have fun with it and enjoy the process!