I believe in creativity.

I believe in the greatest Creator of all.

I believe I was created by the greatest Creator.

And I believe I was created to create.

To create;

this word has been grouped with art, for the artistic. How many times have you heard someone categorize a person as "creative" or "not creative"? I have. All the time. And I don't believe it! That cannot be how it works. We were all created by a magnificent creator, in his image. Therefore, there is no way that a person cannot have a place for creativity in their life. 

The other day I was talking with an older man who has been through a lot in his life. This man, he's very simple. He was in the military for 20 years, and is since retired. God got a hold of his life at the age of 40 and at that time he gave up everything else, except his will to follow God. He lives a simple life and is completely content following God's will. He has very little, and yet he wants nothing. He lacks nothing, and he asks for nothing. He doesn't speak much, has no preference for anything, and thinks most everything is "meh." 

I was sitting at dinner with him one night and I asked him if he had any hobbies. I asked if he had any favorites. He said, "no." I questioned, "are you sure?" "Well, my wife's my favorite, That's about it."

"You've got to have a favorite something to do? A favorite t-shirt? A favorite place to live?" I pleaded with him to give me anything. 

After a while he finally answered, (and I mean like 20 minutes of dancing around this conversation...)


(in my mind, "best thing to do" = favorite (???), but apparently that word wasn't working for him...) 

His response brought me SO MUCH JOY, as it came back to this point of creativity. For months I have been thinking and praying over this idea of creating, and how it must be at the center of our being. 

For a man who wants nothing, who lacks nothing, who wishes for nothing, who is satisfied by nothing except one thingit had to be creating. 

I believe that we miss out when we group creativity with art. I'm an artist, I love art - don't get me wrong. But I am not creative because I am an artist. I am an artist because I am creative. Read that again. 

I am an artist because I am creative. 

YOU are writer because you are creative. 

YOU are a musician because you are creative. 

YOU are a scientist because you are creative. 

YOU are a construction worker because you are creative. 

YOU are a parent because you are creative. 

YOU are a teacher because you are creative. 

YOU are a researcher because you are creative. 

YOU are a photographer because you are creative. 

As human beings, we long to create. We long to create sense, we long to create explanation. We fight to create peace; we work hard to create understanding. To create is to bring something into existence. That can be a medical solution, an idea, a building, a painting. 

Creativity is not limited. Period. 

We were created to create. YOU have everything you need to be creative because you yourself were crafted by the greatest, most detail-oriented, spectacular creator of all. 

So no more shoving that tile of creativity to the girl at the next desk over. No more shying away from opportunities of creativity. No more hiding the talents or skills you think may stand out among your peers. 

Use your creativity to bring life to the people around you. 

Whether that looks like creating a game to occupy little children, or creating a plan to develop a stronger business, or creating the perfect meal...step into your creativity and claim it as your own. SO THAT you may glorify the heavenly creator who started it all. 

I am passionate about spreading this belief that we were all created to create. So don't mind me as I begin to draw it out of you because I believe that you are full of potential, full of beauty, and full of creativity.  

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