We take our body care seriously and are always on the lookout for awesome new products! We want to share with you the ones we genuinely love and believe in. Please note that none of these items posts are sponsored, simply the products we use and love.

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Lipstick, Fawn

This Lo’REAL product is a go to every day shade of lipstick. Very natural looking, lasts well, and doesn’t clump or peel in any weird way throughout the day. Highly recommend!

Native Deodorant

I love my all natural deodorant obsessively. My favorite scent is the lavender & rose, but apparently there’s a custom scent you can get created that I’m dying to try.

Curie Bella Flor Parfum

I won this parfum as a giveaway, but now will only use this one. It stays on my clothes forever and I get compliments on it every single time I wear it.

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Tinted Moisturizer

This product is something that I use as a light foundation. Technically, its a just a tinted moisturizer but it works perfectly for those light makeup days.

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Facial Brightening Oil

This facial oil SAVES my dry skin. Its been one of my favorite finds, and the only thing to ever truly make a difference with my dry skin.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate

I use this on the same days that I use my Ahava mask. It is a pretty intense exfoliant so I use it sparingly, but it gets the job done well.

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Coconut oil

This may just look like plain old coconut oil. But I swear by this stuff. I use it in the shower on my skin! This stuff keeps my skin from shedding & peeling. This is one of my can’t-live-without products.

Ahava Hydration Cream Mask

I use this mask twice a week after my face routine. I leave it on all night when I sleep, wash it off in the morning, and it keeps my skin so hydrated.


Trader Joe’s Lavender Salt Scrub

Ok. We get it Syd. You’re obsessed with tj’s. Yes. Yes I am. But this stuff I love using specifically to exfoliate my underarms!

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Stila liquid lipstick

This is probably the beauty product that I get asked most about, but also the one I’m most excited to share!


Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Products

I try to avoid parabens and extra chemicals in all of my body products, and that is why I have fallen in love with the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle spa line. Literally so cheap & only made with natural ingredients.


Trader Joe’s Rose Water Toner

Yet another incredible product from tj’s. This toner helps hydrate, freshen, and relax my face in all temperatures and climates.